• interactive dialog of items below

Discussion items

10 minmore app deploy docsk giori
  • still tricky to figure out how to deploy docker apps and kubernetes apps
  • need better docs in wiki
10 minPR and arch review processe nordmark
  • create document to define architectural review process
  • for example, make sure API changes get sufficient review
  • review package changes
  • review design proposals
  • see AI below
5 minLFX security reviewj pearson
5 minidentify more LF edge collaborationj pearson

OpenHorizon has a "services" portal

  • service definition file (json format)
  • how to set up apps
  • if can map these services to EVE, can use as a sort of catalog for how to deploy apps on EVE?
5 minPeriodic TAC updates about EVEj pearson
  • EVE usually has representation at TAC meetings, which is good
  • Someone from EVE in the TAC should present one slide of project updates, periodically (monthly?)

Action items

  • Erik to post architectural review process preso before next call so that it can be discussed live in 2 weeks
  • need a volunteer to look into LFX security review onboarding for project EVE --