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Process of the Group

The Governing Board of LF Edge has established End User Solution Groups to assist and support LF Edge. End User Solution Groups are made of individuals at end-user organizations and technical representatives from LF Edge Projects. Eligibility guidelines can be found in Section 3 of the LF Edge EUVSG Charter.

Meetings will be held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (as determined by the Chair) via teleconference. When needed, a task force can be created and have separate working sessions to discuss specific work items. The Group is under the supervision of the LF Edge Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and supported by LF Staff for all matters that require governance or approval.

Chair Term

The Chair of the EUSG will serve for as long as they still want to lead the EUSG, unless the EUSG determines a need for new elections. At which point, they will inform the EUSG of their desire to step down from the position. The EUSG will then appoint another Chair with input from the community and existing Chair.


Meeting details, meeting notes, and documentation shall be made publicly available. The following proposed items will be created:

  • Wiki

  • Mailing List

  • Chat channel on LF Edge's Slack (optional - up to the EUSG)

  • Meeting Minutes/Recordings posted to the Wiki

Quarterly Reports

Every quarter, EUSGs must submit a report to the SPC. The report must be submitted according to the schedule outlined for the EUSG. The report must contain information about what was accomplished in the previous quarter and the plans for the next quarter. After posting the report on the Wiki, the Chair is responsible for scheduling a call to do a readout. The Chair will send an email to the SPC informing them where the update can be found. The Governing Board will be updated by the SPC on the state of health of all EUSGs.


Should the scope reach completion or conversely the traffic on the various conversation forums and the teleconference activity wither to very low levels, then the Chair of the EUSG may ask the SPC to disband the EUSG.

Running the End User Solutions Group (EUSG)

Responsibilities of a Chair

The chair is responsible for the following items:

  • Sending agendas for meetings to maximize productivity

  • Ensuring that minutes are taken, including capturing the list of participants. This does not mean that they will be responsible for taking the minutes, but rather that someone is taking the minutes

  • Leading the meeting

  • Sending out cancellation notices prior to the meeting

  • Ensuring that EUSG updates are uploaded to the EUSG's wiki and sent on a quarterly basis to the Strategic Planning Committee, followed by a call to discuss the progress. An email with the update is sent out to the SPC mailing list.

  • Facilitating the group and helping ensure that the goals and objectives are set

  • Enforcing the EUSG's adherence to the LF Edge Code of Conduct


Minutes for each meeting should be noted and accessible from the EUSG's wiki page on Members of the EUSG will need to decide who will take notes.


In advance of every meeting, the Chair should send out an agenda to both the EUSG's Chat Channel (when applicable) and Mailing List to ensure that attendees know what will be discussed.

Cancelling a Meeting

Meetings are placed on the calendar. To ensure that the meeting can be removed, please remove the meeting using list moderator privileges, or send an email in advance of the meeting to In addition, please notify the EUSG’s mailing list and chat channel (if applicable). As a courtesy, any cancellations or changes in the meeting schedule are requested at least 24 hours in advance.

Scheduling/Changing a Meeting Time

Chairs are encouraged to poll the active EUSG members, leveraging tools such as Doodle when needed, to ensure the scheduled meeting time maximizes participation in the EUSG.

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