The following / below pages document the current lab resources that can be scheduled with the Shared Community Lab.  Below each resource, projects are encouraged to add pages to document their usage and work with the resource.  This can help serve as future guidance for others using the same resource or trying to reproduce a previous setup or project. 

To schedule or reserve a resource, please use the laboratory dashboard:  Instructions for how to use the online dashboard.

Host & Pod Access

This will be slightly different for each pod, but each pod will have an IPMI/LOM connection available.  This connection will be reachable through the VPN and from the public network of the pod, and can be used to control the automated install or deployment onto the pod, depending on the desired blueprint.  Each pod has its own documentation page in this wiki space.


Pod NameHost SiteHardware Description
Ampere Pod 1UNH-IOL
  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Ampere HR330A
Ampere Pod 2UNH-IOL
  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Ampere HR330A
Ampere Pod 3UNH-IOL
  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Ampere HR350A
  • 3x: AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100 GPU (1 per server)
Ampere Pod 4UNH-IOL
  • 3x: Arm®v8 based Ampere R272-P30 (Mt. Snow)
Open Horizon Management Hub Developer InstanceUNH-IOL
  • Virtual Resource (VM)
Intel Pod 1UNH-IOL
  • 3x Intel LWF2208IR540605
  • 2x Intel NUC8i3CYSM
  • 2x NUCi7BEK
Intel Pod 2UNH-IOL
  • 1x Intel LWF2208IR540605
  • 2x Intel LWF2208IR540606
Unicycle PodUNH-IOL
  • 2x: Dell R740
  • 2x: Intel LWF2208IR540605
  • 3x: HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10

Resource Directory

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