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Contributing to Open Horizon

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing."

  • W. Edwards Deming



This is a living document, intended to be updated periodically as needed by a majority of the TSC or designees as specified.

Working on Issues

Thank you for expressing an interest in learning more about our community. The following steps will help you understand how we work together. Each person wishing to join us should:

Our tool of choice for tracking work is GitHub, and this is where all of our code, artwork, and documentation live.  Tasks to be worked on are created as GitHub issues, and you can view open issues in each repository to see what tasks are available to be worked on.  Issues that are labelled "good first issue" are most suitable for those learning how to contribute to an open source project.

Reporting Issues

If you have noticed a problem or bug with the code, or problem with the documentation, please create a new issue in the right repository.  If you have a question about which repository to use, feel free to ask on the #open-horizon-help chat room at

Ideas for improvements

If you'd like to propose a modification to existing product features, or if you have an idea for a new feature, read about our Feature Request Lifecycle processes.  These processes will show you how ideas move from Feature Candidate through the requirements design process, and ultimately become supported.

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