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Edge computing is a challenging distributed computing problem.The fragmentation and distribution of industrial data, networking, processing, security and storage makes managing it complicated.  Simplifying industrial IoT application and system development with a ubiquitous open source stack, standards, and community is our mission.

Fledge is an open source framework and community for the Industrial Edge. Architected for rapid integration of any IIoT device, sensor or machine all using a common set of application, management and security REST APIs with existing industrial "brown field" systems and clouds. 

Fledge edge services include: Collect Data from any/all sensors, aggregate/combine/organize data. edge based alerting/anomaly detection/machine learning (TensorflowLIte, OpenVino), transform/filter data in flight, buffer data, analyze/visualize edge data,  and deliver data to multiple local/cloud destinations.

Fledge developers and operators no longer face complexity and fragmentation issues when building their IIoT applications as they gather and process more sensor data to automate and transform business. Fledge’s modern pluggable architecture eliminates the data silos often found in plants, factories and mines.  By using a consistent set of RESTful APIs to develop, manage and secure IIoT applications, Fledge creates a unified solution.

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