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  1. Projects that have publicly documented release cycles and plans for LTS.
    1. Akraino has very established process for the release cycle. Akraino community delivers release every six months. Each release could have multiple blueprint addressing different Edge use case. Community continued to support the delivered Blueprints for multiple releases. 
    2. Akraino community delivered  R1 Release on June 2019 with a second release under development to be delivered on November 30, 2019. 
    3. Akraino community has well established process to graduate the Projects from Incubation → Mature → Core.  See Graduation Review Criteria
  2. Projects that have themselves become platforms for other projects.
    1. Akraino Blueprints supplies fundamental edge stack needed by any type of Edge applications. Akraino R1 delivered 10 Blueprints for everyone use.
    2. Akraino also hosts multiple Feature projects which supplies fundamental building blocks for Blueprints.
    3. Multiple upstream projects uses Akriano BPs as a platform. e.g., ONF SEBA, O-RAN RIC, Starlingx integration with EdgexFoundry
  3. Projects that are able to attract a healthy number of committers on the basis of its production usefulness (not simply 'developer popularity').
    1. To date, Akraino has over 65 contributors; 30 active contributors in the month of September 2019 alone
    2. Since Nov 1, 2018, there were almost 1131 commits.  Last month (August 2019), there were 110 commits
    3. These commits were made by contributors from many companies to include AT&T, Ericsson, Nokia, Arm, RedHat, Enea, Windriver, Huawei
    4. 60% of the premier LF Edge members are actively involved with the Akraino community e.g., AT&T, Arm, Baidu, Dell EMC, Ericsson, HP, Huawei, Intel, InwinStack, Juniper, Mobiledgex, Netsia, Nokia, NTT, Qualcomm, Radisys, Redhat, Seagate, Tencent, Windriver, 

4. Projects that have several, publicly known, end-user deployments.


b. Blueprints such as Provider Access Edge from RedHat, StarlingX Far Edge Distributed Cloud have been deployed by end-user community. AT&T's Blueprints such as Unicycle-SRIOV are being used internally. AT&T's Radio Edge Cloud Blueprint have plans to be deployed in production.

Connected Vehicle Blueprint

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  2.     c. In addition to the commercial and open source products cited above, companies ATencent, BBaidu, C Intel and others have products or deployments under way or being developed.