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Discussion items

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What are you working on

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Action items

  •  need to get people on GitHub, so that they can do code reviews- need to be able to assign code review to people, then PR are approved Erik and Roman
  •  ethernet and LTE support if ethernet fails it will roll over to LTE
  •  need some documentation around the networking parts- especially around fail over
  •  board meeting updates- LF Edge TAC vs. TSC- Tac has been more worried about bringing in new projects.  should they now look at the over all Arch- namely API's and their naming conventions.  3. more end to end demos.  Show all of the projects working together.  Example- Fledge-EVE-EdgeX- this will lead to a better story of everything working together.  
  •  Mini summit in late Oct in Europe might not happen because of lack of LF Edge people attending
  •  - people use different terms- need to clean up the Glossary- new term has popped up is Deep Edge, it is closer to the radio but still on the operator side. 
  •  look at the calendars- and see what is going on....