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This governance policy sets forth the proposal process for projects to be accepted into the Foundation. The process is the same for both existing projects which seek to move into the Foundation, and new projects to be formed within the Foundation.

Project Proposal Requirements

Projects must be proposed on this Wiki. Please leverage the Project Proposal Template available here, adding new proposals below this tab. A full set of instructions on how to add new Proposals have been posted here.

Note: New page creation on the LF Edge Wiki will require a LF ID. If you do not have one already, you may create one at

Project proposals submitted to the Foundation must provide the following information to the best of their ability:

  • name of project
  • project description (what it does, why it is valuable, origin and history)
  • statement on alignment with Foundation charter mission and LF Edge taxonomy
  • high level assessment of project synergy with existing projects under LF Edge
  • link to current Code of Conduct
  • sponsor from TAC, if identified (a sponsor helps mentor projects)
  • project license
  • source control (GitHub by default)
  • issue tracker (GitHub by default)
  • external dependencies (including licenses)
  • release methodology and mechanics
  • names of initial committers, if different from those submitting proposal
  • briefly describe the project's leadership team and decision-making process
  • preferred maturity level (see Project Stages: Definitions and Expectations)
  • list of project's official communication channels (slack, irc, mailing lists)
  • link to project's website
  • links to social media accounts
  • existing financial sponsorship
  • infrastructure needs or requests
  • project logo in svg format (see for guidelines)
  • trademark status
  • get onboarded into LFX security within 90 days of joining

Project Acceptance Process

  • Projects are required to present their proposal at a TAC meeting
  • The TAC may ask for changes to bring the project into better alignment with the Foundation (adding a governance document to a repository or adopting a more stringent Code of Conduct, for example).
  • The project will need to make these changes in order to progress further.
  • Projects get accepted via a two-thirds supermajority vote of the TAC and a majority vote of the Governing Board.
  • The proposal document will be finalized as a project charter. This charter document must be included in the project's main repository.
  • New Project Proposals will be considered under Stage 1. Projects can apply for a different stage, after initial acceptance into LF Edge, through the Project Proposal Process and/or during the Annual Review Process.
  • For New Project Proposals, a TAC Subgroup will be created to review first the admission of the new Project Proposal, and then when ready, a Project’s Proposal to move to a different Stage. Subgroup recommendations will be presented back to the TAC, prior to TAC vote on recommendation for the Governing Board approval.
  • Upon LF Edge TAC Project acceptance, a series of asset transfers will be set in motion. Standard transfer list includes:
    • Trademark (Unless we are coming up with a new name for the Project or the Project is newly created, all Project names need to be transferred to LF Projects, LLC to be held for the benefit of the community (done using a Project Contribution Agreement). This is required even if no trademark registrations have been secured in the Project's name.)
    • Website Domain (if Project has an existing site)
    • Social Media Handles (if any)GitHub (LF enforces 2FA on all of our organizations. Please also inform all developers to enable 2FA on their Github accounts, if they haven't already.)
  • Additional steps post-acceptance can be found under the Project Getting Started Guide