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TimeSegmentPresenters/PanelSession Status (Pending/Confirmed)Presentation Slides / Recording
7 - 740AM PDTKeynote

LF Edge Opening Remarks - Arpit Joshipura (Linux Foundation)

End User Market and Terminology Direction - Jason Shepherd (ZEDEDA/Project EVE)

End User - Retail Demo (EdgeX)



745 - 815AM PDTTrack 1

Use Case: Automotive

Presenter: Zhuming Zhang (Xinhong)

Additional Information: The topic of the presentation is about the status quo, development trend and challenges of China's I-VICS. From the perspectives of technical routes, policies and regulations, market applications, industrial chains and value chains, this presentation introduces the current situation and development trends of China's intelligent networked vehicles, and analyzes the challenges and opportunities faced by China's I-VICS.

820 - 850AM PDTTrack 1

Use Case: Telco

Presenter: Yanjun Chen (China Mobile)

Additional Information: 

855 - 925AM PDTTrack 1

Use Case: Manufacturing/Industrial

Presenter: Sriram Rupanagunta (Aarna Networks)

Additional Information: 

Pending Speaker Confirmation
930 - 10AM PDTTrack 1

Use Case: Transportation and Logistics

Presenters: Eric Aquaronne (IBM), Naeem Altaf (IBM)

Additional Information: 

1005AM - 1035AM PDT Keynote / Closing

Panel: Meeting at the Edge - Cross community collaboration to define Telecom Edge Reference Architectures

Presenters: Ahmad ElSwaf (Saudi Telecom), Beth Cohn (Verizon), Sukhdev Kapur (Juniper)

Additional Information: Learn how the CNTT and LF Edge communities have joined forces to define the infrastructures required to support distributed Telecom workloads.  The need to rapidly build out infrastructure to support 5G, IoT and other distributed network types, means the Telecom operators and vendors must collaborate on defining a standard reference model that supports not only  the core , but quantifies the Edge at the same time.   This panel of operators and vendors representing the CNTT and LF Edge communities will discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in folding incorporating all the sometimes conflicting requirements together.


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