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TimeSegmentPresenters/PanelSession Status (Pending/Confirmed)Presentation Slides / Recording
8-840AM PDTKeynote


Presenters: Arpit Joshipura (Linux Foundation), Jason Shepherd (ZEDEDA/Project EVE), ...

845-915AM PDTTrack 1

Use Case: Oil and Gas


Additional Information:  

920-950AM PDTTrack 1

Use Case: Energy

Presenter: Benoit Jeanson (RTE France)

Additional Information:

To operate a power grid, control centers rely on equipment data collected from the field. Operators and or automation equipment trigger control commands to adapt the grid to different operational situations. Some of the challenges power system operators face are:
• Ensure that the topology of the grid allows the power to be transmitted from the generation location to the consumption one in a secured manner - ie adapt the position (on/off) of the switches (breakers and disconnectors) to optimize the flows and voltages with these levers,
• ensure that the power system is balanced - meaning that in real time the generation meets the demand
• monitor the grid equipment to assess their health indexes.

A series of various protocols are implemented from low level (close to the equipment: IEC 104, IEC 61850, and others) to high-level ones (communication between operation centers, and intermediate nodes: OPC-UA, TASE.2, also seen here EC 104).
The project uses fledge as the core framework for the gateways deployed at the edge level (substations) as well as at a central level (inter operation centers communication).

955-1025AM PDTTrack 1

Use Case: 


Additional Information:   Energy. Fledge - Transforming Transmission and Distribution Monitoring in Energy Substations

Presenters: Michael Eaton (Jacksonville Energy Authority) + Robert Raesemann (Jacksonville Energy Authority)

Additional Information:  JEA deployed Fledge 18 months ago and continues to scale-up and scale-out the system. Fledge is used for conditioned based monitoring of JEAs many substations. Fledge connects, buffers, transforms and forwards data from different sensors and equipment types including: gas detection, transformer sensors, IR cameras, current meters, switches and more on the south end. Fledge then integrates the "smarter" edge data with various OT systems including: OSIsoft PI, AWS, Oracle, Influx DB and more. JEA continues to expand its use of Fledge to more substations and with new vibration monitoring and edge ML trials in its, water and waste water business. Joining Michael Eaton will be Robert Raesemann, JEA's OT system integrator and contributor to the Fledge Project.

1030 - 11AM PDTKeynote / Closing