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Comment: consolidate tools to focus on eve


  • Next generation storage architecture (design approved; in progress)
  • Extract and report GPS coordinates to controller (if device has a cellular modem with GPS) (proposed)
  • Incremental image download (rsync-like) (proposed)
  • Better enforcement of volume size limits for the OCI-derived volumes (proposed - after storage rework)
  • EVE self-monitor and log memory and disk usage increases - (first cut done
  • EVE report more hardware counters? (e.g., disk/SSD S.M.A.R.T counters) (proposed)
  • Rename adam controller to "ada" controller? (as in Ada Lovelace) Combine eve, adam, and eden and just call it "eve"? Commands then looks like: "eve pod deploy ...", "eve generate server", ... and maybe after all the config is done, a command like "eve generate image" could be used to create an EVE-OS image for a specific board or hw arch (proposed)
  • Expand EVE test coverage to improve overall stability: performance under stress; search for security vulnerabilities; automated code analysis; board farm daily and release testing (proposed)
  • TBD