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  1. Info
    1. Monthly Video about EVE 
    2. Release notes distribution
  2. Delivery
    1. DockerHub account verification
    2. Github Account Verification
    3. Add Github Registry 
  3. CI/CD
    1. Github Actions refactoring 
    2. Implement performance benchmarking CI/CD
    3. Speed up the GH Actions 
    4. Deploy DataDog CI 
    5. ROL and Github Actions integration
    6. DockerHub account verification
    7. Github Account Verification
    8. Add Github Registry 


  1. Enable scalable enforcement of TPM PCR values on controller (PCR values should be the same when the hardware, firmware, config, and EVE are the same)
  2. Explore Linux Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) with the TPM
  3. Signed images from the release engineering process including the kernel SHA for the TPM PCRs