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  1. NIM + zedrouter refactoring
    • Generically solve the state reconciliation problem (will be applicable not only for network config management)
    • Better separation of concerns (more sub-components inside)
    • Improve robustness, readability and extensibility
  2. VLAN and LAG support
    • Support VLAN+LAG for EVE management and local network instances
    • Should be a lot easier to do after the refactoring
  3. Support Jumbo frames
  4. Expose GPS data to controller and applications (from GPS which is part of the LTE modem)
  5. Network Instance VRFs
    • Isolate network instances on the L3 layer
    • Should be a lot easier to do after the refactoring
  6. Network performance testing
    • Prepare lab for network performance testing
  7. SR-IOV support


  1. Add test suite to validate that a hardware platform supports EVE (with an eye towards future hardware certfication)
    1. Once passed should submit PR with hardware model description
  2. Current all the unit tests and half the integration tests are open source; open source remainder of integration tests

Release Engineering

  1. Info
    1. Monthly Video about EVE 
    2. Release notes distribution
  2. CI/CD
    1. Github Actions refactoring 
    2. Implement performance benchmarking CI/CD
    3. Speed up the GH Actions 
    4. Deploy DataDog CI 
    5. ROL and Github Actions integration
    6. DockerHub account verification
    7. Github Account Verification
    8. Add Github Registry