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Have a defined governing body of at least 5 or more members (owners and core maintainers), of which no more than 1/3 is affiliated with the same employer. In the case there are 5 governing members, 2 may be from the same employer.

Our current TSC is comprised of members from Intel, Canonical, IOTech, HP, Beechwoods, and VMWare.  For names and details see:

Have a documented and publicly accessible description of the project's governance, decision-making, and release processes.

Matters of project governance, decision making and process are covered in our project Wiki.  The following pages outline our policies.
Matters of technical decisions and voting process and rules are defined here:

Guidance for how to submit code contributions is defined here: and here:

Documentation on how our release process and what gets released is here: and some additional information on what is considered a release artifact is defined here:

Have a healthy number of committers from at least two organizations. A committer is defined as someone with the commit bit; i.e., someone who can accept contributions to some or all of the project.

Work group chairs automatically have committer rights to their work group repositories and nominate others as committers as spelled out in our governance here:,Committers&Maintainers-NominationandApprovalofMaintainersandCommitters

Each repository has at least 2 committers.  The most used repository has 70 committers (

Demonstrate evidence of interoperability, compatibility or extension to other LF Edge Projects. Examples may include demonstrating modularity (ability to swap in components between projects).

Adopt the Foundation Code of Conduct.

For any significant community meeting such as the TSC meetings or meeting where we are inviting outside community to speak or observe are always preceded by the code of conduct and anti-trust policy statements.  To date, we have had no unacceptable behavior incidents that the project has been made aware of.

EdgeX adheres to, follows and enforces the LF Edge Code of Conduct with out addendum today.

Explicitly define a project governance and committer process. This is preferably laid out in a file and references a and file showing the current and emeritus committers.

worked this year to overcome "needs improvement"

Examples of these documents can be found in our main repository

Additionally, project governance and committer process is fully documented in our Wiki.  Existing governance and contributor pages are located on this page and its subpages:
And here:

Have a public list of project adopters for at least the primary repo (e.g., or logos on the project website).

worked this year to overcome "needs improvement"

Our main repository contains the Adopter document (see

We also highlight user, adopters and commercial interests of EdgeX on our Website.