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Fledge Integrations with LF Edge Projects

Fledge integrates with the following projects within the LF Edge:


Work is already underway to provide a mechanism for sending data from Fledge into the EdgeX core. Likewise there is a project within EdgeX that will enable data to be sent to Fledge by EdgeX.


Discussions are underway with members of the Open Horizon project to enable greater integration. In consultation with the Open Horizon TSC a phased approach to Fledge/OpenHorizon integration is proposed. The first phase of this being to implement the deployment of a Fledge instance using Open Horizon. The latest Fledge collaboration includes Open Horizon Smart Agriculture SIG: The Smart Agricultural special interest group is optimizing agriculture with technology, and using Fledge in the following use cases: Milestone 1: Table Garden Milestone 2: Outdoor single sensor


Discussions are at an early stage to determine how the SDO functionality can be used within a Fledge deployment. These discussions are set to continue and roadmap items will emerge as these discussions mature.


A family of blueprints have been defined IIoT at the Smart Device Edge (family) that combines Fledge and EVE as well as a blueprint for Predictive Maintenance (with a Thermal Imaging Camera, vibration sensors, etc.) use cases. An implementation of this blueprint is available at the LF Edge Shared Community Lab.


Integration with Project Eve has already been demonstrated and there are currently no roadmap items related to this work. However it is likely as both projects move forwards there will be requirements in the future. The latest showcase of such integration at OSDU: Fledge OSDU Slides. Moreover, a joint Fledge/Eve installation is available at the LF Edge Shared Community Lab that can be used for demonstrating interoperability between the two projects.

More information on past and ongoing collaboration can be found here: Cross-LF Edge CollaborationFledge Roadmap 2020/2021 and Fledge Home.