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Latest 8.


2.0 Release🎉 


🎛wwan: Replace uqmi with qmicli 
This is due to a limitation of the QMI protocol and the linux driver qmi_wwan, which require that there is at most one client talking to the modem. For this reason, qmicli provides a proxy that multiplexes multiple requests under one session. But uqmi is not able to use this proxy, therefore we have to completely migrate from uqmi to qmicli.

🔓Send empty escrow key if TPM not enabled 
To complete the attestation sequence we should send EncryptedVaultKeyFromDevice. Let’s leave data empty to indicate that we do not want to send it to the controller(if no TPM is enabled).

☑️DPC verify: more sensitive handling of DNS errors 
In this case, the DPC manager should wait instead of falling back to the previous DPC. But to detect this, Send* functions inside the cloud had to be improved to return an error value that allows unwrapping errors from all the send attempts.

🚦Add shutdown command to EdgeDevConfig 
We added support to shutdown node gracefully to EdgeDevConfig. 


🚦Add shutdown/shutdown-poweroff commands to LPS API 
We added DevInfo to the Local Profile API documentation. Publish the current state of the device to the local server and optionally obtain a command to execute.

🎛Add document to list supported RAID configuration 
ZFS provides a rich set of functionality but at a cost of extra resource usage. We added a table of RAID configurations for GRUB.


🛠Fix acl test to handle multiple IPs from dig 
Dig command may return several IPs to properly handle them during the creation of the network we should join lines from output into one with a comma separator.

🛠Fix accidental loop for poweroff command 
This was introduced in PR #2609 and discovered as part of the review for PR #2610

🛠Fix attestation restart on 403 config response 
We should restart attestation on 403 code as config response and this code is assumed as an error, so we should move handling to the proper place inside error from SendOnAllIntf handling.

🛠Do not restart a crashed VM within the handleModify function. 
We added a check for `status.HasError()` in the condition in the `handleModify` function to eliminate the restart of crashed VM earlier than in `config.timer.reboot` seconds.

Github:⭐️347(+3) DockerHub: 282591(+1585) pulls


The EVE Design Summit is taking place on June 23 in Berlin, Germany. Top EVE developers and contributors will collaborate with industry users and community members to plan the way forward. An open-source community keynote will be followed by lunch, then we’ll complete the remaining technical expert talks and break into groups to strategize for the future. We’ll wrap the day with an evening social event.

8.1.0 Released  🎉