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Attendance is taken purely upon #info in Zoom Chat 

John KuraikoseMolex

Bruce Potter  (Joe Pearson)


Hussein Alayan  

Randy Templeton (TSC Chair)

Jim has sent a mail asking for highlights of the project. Need to share details. 


Agenda Items

Presented By




Randy Templeton


Announcement and Issues

Randy Templeton

  • Intel in process of hosting production FDO RV server
  • Randy in process of hosting LF Edge development RV server 
  • WIP to have RedHat contribute more to LF Edge FDO project (Contact Anil Vishnoi Redhad rep for LF Edge tac,  Ben Breard Product Owner Rel for Edge)
  • SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) - have SBOM for FDO?- Need to discuss.Randy has been able to resolve calendar issues - TSC meeting - once in two weeks Thursdays 8:30 AM PST. 
  • FIDO Alliance working on enabling FSIMs - standardization of current service info modules.  
    • Repo is created and will be made public soon. 
    • currently defining fdo.* registry - standard set of modules 
    • Currently WIP - execute and binaryfile 


Randy Templeton

  •  We need to have a vote on the change of name for the project . Will be planned for a later date.from Secure Device Onboard (SDO) to FIDO Device Onboard (FDO). we have approval from FIDO Alliance 
    • Share the scope with this forum 
    • Should we change to github url?
    • How do we handle external website references to our github? 
    • Explore Github options to rename repository and how it handles URL changes
    • Profile/readme - would this be an option ?
    • Provide updates in the next TSC meeting. 

Update on

release 1.1.1

next release 

  • The release is planned for Aug 12th. Next release will include MTLS, Secure by default features


Updates on Technical sub committee

  • IBM has started is integrating FDO 1.1.0.  

Update on SDO Open Horizon working group

Alayan Hussein N/A

Update on Goals for the project sub committee

Randy Templeton

  • 2 broad goals: Support LF Edge Projects (SDO integration across LF Edge Projects). Providing developer tools that assist in compatibility testing and rapid development.
  • Next Step: Develop Growth Plan for LF Edge Phase 2 requirements


Upcoming Events

Randy Templeton

Action Items (Open Action Item Tracker)