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, 8.30AM PT / 3.30PM UTC / 9.00PM IST

Meeting Link:


Meeting Recording:


John EasterdayChanda B
Randall F Templeton

Mary Abraham 

Benny Davis

Vasavi Vasudevan

Lorenzo King (Bruce)


  • Integration issues with FDO 1.1
  • Plan for FDO 1.1
  • Improving community engagement

Discussion items

Sl NoItemNotes
1Opens / updates
  • Update Meeting Goals and Objectives
    • Should we keep this meeting or consolidate with Thursday?
      • Lorenzo - would like to keep it, likes to ask code related, deeper technical questions
      • Vasavi - recommends consolidation as its mostly the same audience
      • Benny - recommends consolidation
      • Discuss this further in the Thursday and decide if a vote is needed
  • Update the discussion items below and add new items
2Integration issues with FDO 1.1
  • IBM is working on moving to FDO 1.1 
    • Integrated with the Demo environment
    • Target production ready by end of Q4, 2022
    • Target Production release will be in Q1, 2023
  • Randy working on setting up an RV server in LF Edge lab ( (80/443)
    • Done & works

Features for FDO 1.1.

  • Release complete for Ubuntu/ Debian support
  • Release with support with MTLS, ipv6 will be live in September  


    Scheduled for end of Sept 2022

    • MTLS
    • Smaller image for PRI services
    • X5 chain
    • Move from H2 to Maria DB
    • Ubuntu 2204 support
    • Loading key store from file system
    4Steps to improve community engagement  
    • Visiting colleges, talking to professors for interest
    • Respond to interests and questions on slack
      • Encourage interested people to attend the LF Edge FDO/SDO meetings
    • Reach out to other open source projects like Gramine, SGX

    Action items

    •  Tushar to provide information about FIDO Alliance Hackathon (to sort out inter operability issues) 
    •  Vasavi to provide updates about short-term/long-term roadmap for FDO
    •  Randy to check on the feasibility of not using CBOR encoded format always and use CBO diagnostics