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Additional Information Requested from All Projects

Supporting Data (if needed, include links to specific examples)

Intention for the upcoming year (Remain at current stage OR advance towards the next Stage)

Remain Impact Project

Include a link to your project’s LFX Insights page. We will be looking for signs of consistent or increasing contribution activity. Please feel free to add commentary to add color to the numbers and graphs we will see on Insights.;quicktime=time_filter_3Y

How many maintainers do you have, and which organizations are they from? (Feel free to link to an existing MAINTAINERS file if appropriate.)
WG Chair are maintainers of their respective repositories with additional rights to nominate others (which often happens).  Therefore we have at least 9 maintainers.  Most WG Chairs nominate several maintainers to help with the workload of the incoming code reviews.  For example, the main service repository has 17 maintainers/committers (see  A small effort/repository may only have a few maintainers.
What do you know about adoption, and how has this changed since your last review / since you joined the current Stage? If you can list companies that are end users of your project, please do so. (Feel free to link to an existing ADOPTERS file if appropriate.)

We are learning about new adopters all the time.   In addition to the companies that are participating in the construction of EdgeX, the following companies have announced (and presented) on EdgeX adoption:

Canonical, IOTech, HP, Thundersoft, Jiangxing Intelligence, Tibco and Accenture

Organizations like Eaton and Schneider Electric are adopting EdgeX, with Eaton now moving further having joined the TSC.

How has the project performed against its goals since the last review? (We won't penalize you if your goals changed for good reasons.)

Met or exceeded goals.  Over 10 million container downloads. Regular releases for 5+ years, including the first Long Term Support (LTS) made this year, indicating stability to the marketplace.

What are the current goals of the project? For example, are you working on major new features? Or are you concentrating on adoption or documentation?

Working on a minor release targeted for fall 2022 with a likely major release for spring of 2023.

Looking to continue to grow the user base with more publicly referenced adopters. Support and integration to computer vision use cases remains a target with new services for ONVIF and USB Cameras released during 2022.

How can LF Edge help you achieve your upcoming goals?

Slack archive and creation of new user or adopter FAQs from specific tagged Slack messages.  Community has decided not to adopt LFX Chat (preference to stay with Slack), but still need to work around the 10K limit and turning knowledge into searchable/query-able user help long term.

Join with other organizations looking to improve dev advocacy through hackathons, badging, and other programs.

Do you think that your project meets the criteria for the next Stage?We are at stage 3
Please summarize Outreach Activities in which the Project has participated in (e.g. Participation in conferences, seminars, speaking engagements, meetups, etc.)

Prior to COVID, regular participation at Hannover Messe, IOT SWC, IOT World and LF events.  Our members have spoken frequently at live events all over the world.

Restrictions mean that virtual events are more commonplace but events appear to be restarting with an aim to visit live events again in 2023.

We brought out a new series of EdgeX Tech Talks during Summer 2022, which attracted a good following. Opportunities remain open for developers or adopters to add to the series.

China continue to enjoy excellent EdgeX participation events with 64 proposals received for the China EdgeX Challenge 2022. The Challenge completes throughout October and November 2023. There is an EdgeX Meetup in China planned for Q4 (Nov/Dec)

EdgeX is presenting at ONES 2022 in November 2022.

Are you leveraging the Technical Project Getting Started Checklist? If yes, please provide link (if publicly available).This was developed after our project launched, but we already follow all steps.

Please review, and update if needed, your Project entry on the Existing Project Taxonomy page, modifying the Last Updated / Reviewed date in the header.

Updated 9/19/22 by jpwhite

Please share a LFX security report for your project in the last 30 days