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  • Provide (potential hierarchy of) recipes for deployment of templates
    • For Kubernetes based projects (like Akraino) this could be a set of Helm charts or k8s manifests
    • For other container based projects (which don't necessarily have K8S) this could be docker-compose
    • For bare-metal deployments, we are open to suggestions on potential solutions
  • Have a web-page (per template) which consolidates these along with simple instructions and potential parameters



  • For helm appropriate projects (those that use kubernetes as a base layer)
    • helm-ifying (as necessary) template components
    • umbrella helm which deploys those components
    • role-designation methodology for multi-node blueprints (or even to specify cloud-side versus edge-side)
    • host on a catalog platform
  • For other projects
    • TBD - options include using things like or just docker-compose, but unaware of a equivalent for those so maybe just github/gitlab?


Current Status

  • A example is presented at
  • Build a simple example (hello-$CONFIGVARIABLE) which can be packaged using the various options and built into the various catalog options (by 10/17/22)
  • Prototype requirements with a single template (strawman: Akraino smarter cities blueprint) and then broaden to all Akraino blueprints to evaluate