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  • Key Stakeholders and Dynamics
  • Major Trends
  • Major Developments in the last 1 year
  • Diagrams to summarize both the Topology and Dynamics (at high level, not at a specific solution level)
  • Main Use-cases
    • Benefits and ROI for use cases
    • Market opportunity for use cases ($)
  • Challenges faced by stakeholders
  • Solutions – We can talk about the role of Open Source SW and projects
  • Security Angle: Security challenges and solutions


Attendance is taken purely upon #info in Zoom Chat 

Hakan SonmezIBM
Daniel LazaroAVEVA
Rob RaesemannRaesemann Enterprises
Sunny CaiLinux Foundation
Jill LovatoLinux Foundation
Kendall Waters PerezLinux Foundation


Agenda Items

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Open discussion about topics and sections covered in each chapter of the report


Document for Topics discussion:

Sheet for submitters list for Postcards from Edge (short essays)

Daniel Lazaro and Rob Raesemann - Topics to cover for Industrial Edge

  • Challenges to be solved
    • IT/OT convergence
    • Skills Gap in Industrial Tools -  OT people have gaps in IT tools, e.g., Python, C++ 
    • Linux vs Windows challenge
    • How projects can cooperate
  • Operators vs Developers - Provide Operators with no-code/ low-code tools (high levels tools needed)