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Developers use the marketplace to deploy applications to edge nodes using the LF Edge sandbox. There are two types of marketplaces, : Global and Private.

Global Marketplace

To help accelerate your project, the LF Edge Sandbox is pre-loaded with a number of applications. These applications are available to all users and reside in the Global Marketplace. The goal is to include all applicable LF Edge projects as applications in the Global Marketplace. The sandbox may include other open-source or commercial applications to help simplify the edge application deployment experience.


Each LF Edge Sandbox account includes a Private Marketplace that can only be accessed by the account owner. With a couple of few clicks, you can easily import applications from the Global Marketplace into your Private Marketplace for use with your edge devices.


Please see our support page or help resources.

About the LF Edge Sandbox


Contact Information

For more information, please visit our community slack channel [#lf-edge-sandbox] or post to our email distribution list.