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Biswajit De

Program Overview :

The Program is intended to provide a formal structure to connect mentors and student developers from around the globe to contribute their enthusiasm, time, and experience toward building sustainable LF Edge communities.

Program is aimed at creating a structured hands-on learning opportunity for new developers who may otherwise lack the opportunity to gain exposure to open source software development and entry to the LF Edge projects' technical communities. It also provides a more defined path for LF Edge projects to connect with the next generation of student developers to inject more talent into their developer base. Each mentee will apply and be matched with a mentor or mentors who are active developers and technologists contributing to the industry's leading open source networking projects such as Akraino, EdgeXFoundry, Fledge, HomeEdge etc. Each mentee will work remotely from his/her location of choice. Regular evaluation and feedback will be provided. Mentees who have done outstanding work may have the opportunity to travel to an LF Edge conference/event to meet their peers and mentors face-to-face and to present their work to the broader community.

Benefits for Student Mentees:

  • Mentees gain exposure to real-world software development by working closely with active developers in the community
  • Mentees get introduced to open source development infrastructure, tooling, and culture
  • Mentees have the hands-on opportunity to do work related to their academic and professional interests and to further the pursuit of those interests
  • Mentees develop close working relationships with open source professionals and industry business leaders to expand their professional network

Mentorship Program workflow:

Volunteer For LF Edge Mentorship Program:

LF Edge Mentorship program Mentors(Volunteer) share their expertise as they support students on their entrepreneurial and leadership journeys.

Interested Student Executive Committee LF Edge Mentorship :

Mentee Idea submission for LF Edge Mentorship Program :


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  1. Hi, this is Sayam. I am very excited to join LF community. I am looking forward to getting involved in technology innovations in LF community.

  2. Hi, this is Shlok. Excited to get involved in the LF community.