, 8.30AM PT / 3.30PM UTC / 9.00PM IST

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John Easterday
Randall F Templeton

Prateek Chandrakar


Discussion items

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1Review of Action items
  • Interop event held on October 20th 
  • Some issues were identified with CBOR representation, public key encoding
2Integration issues with FDO 1.0
  •  (John) - RV blob needs to encoded format (Not user friendly)- this is by design. There is a script provided for this.
    • Would CBOR diagnostic work ? - Randy to check feasibility later..  
  • (John)- TO0 scheduling happening in the background for a large number of devices causes latency.  suggestions - use thread pool 
3Features for FDO 1.1
  • Keep Alive feature - initial code currently WIP. We will have more details next week
4Steps to improve community engagement
  • Documentation: Working on fixing certain issues in the current document and working on design documentation also. 

Action items