• Petr: BaseOS image version currently fetched by controller via image display name – should we instead store the baseOS version in the baseOS API explicitly? any downsides? controller will need to do old way and new way for a while
  • Roman: governance discussion, community roles refresh

Discussion items

10 minBaseOSPetr
  • Move forward with proposal
10 mingovernance Roman
  • no objections to mailing list proposal
10 minLF labRoman/Tina

what resources are a for EVE to use, and how do we request these resources?

"Equinix Open Source" - Roman says those are big (expensive) servers. But Tina says for these links we don't have to pay:

And this catalog is for any applications of LF Edge:
LF Edge Catalog (

10 minservices proposalPetr

start apps as services, so that which ones start can be configurable (minimize size of rootfs image)

avoids potential security issues as well, but enables user to deploy innovative services if desired (configurable)

need to further discuss how to enable debug and edgeview style services as configured by the controller

Action items

  • Contact existing TSC members, especially inactive ones, and refresh with active members - Roman Shaposhnik with help from Kathy Giori if needed
  • Need more use case and workflow information for storage proposal - Kathy Giori to poke proposal contributors