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Project EVE is an open source project under the LF Edge Foundation that collaboratively develops EVE, the Edge Virtualization Engine according to the Project's Charter.

Project EVE seeks user feedback to help further improve the usability of EVE.  We are also seeking new contributors to help expand the number of supported hardware platforms and add new features to EVE

All technical oversight of the project is conducted by the Project's Steering Committee (TSC) in accordance to the bylaws outlined in the Project's Charter. The composition of the TSC is tracked in the file and official votes are conducted on the TSC mailing listThe TSC is a committee composed of technical leaders from the EVE community and other open source projects responsible for oversight of the technical codebase, the technical community and release process.

The TSC is responsible for:

  • coordinating the technical direction of the Project, including the architecture and projects to achieve the Mission and Scope of the Project;

  • approving project proposals (including, but not limited to, incubation, deprecation and changes to a project’s charter or scope);

  • coordinate technical community engagement with the End User (as defined in Section 6 of Project Charter) community with respect to requirements, high level architecture, implementation experiences, use cases, etc.;

  • communicating with external and industry organizations concerning Project technical matters;

  • appointing representatives to work with other open source or standards communities;

  • establishing community norms, workflows or policies for releases;

  • discussing, seeking consensus, and where necessary, voting on technical matters relating to the code base that affect multiple projects; and

  • establishing election processes for Committers, Maintainers or other leadership roles in the technical community that are not within the scope of any single project

TSC is established and operates within the scope created by the Project's Charter.

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