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Fledge is an independent open-source project and not controlled by any single company. To emphasize this Fledge is governed under the Linux Foundation Edge and has graduated through the different Project Stages: Definitions and Expectations. Fledge is currently a Stage 2 project under this framework.

Mission and Scope

(As per the technical charter)

The mission of the Project is to develop a pluggable modular architecture to easily connect any/all sensors, machines and IIOT devices, manage their data and forward it to historians, enterprise systems and the cloud.
The scope of the Project includes software development under an OSI-approved open source license supporting the mission, including documentation, testing, integration and the creation of other artifacts that aid the development, deployment, operation or adoption of the open source software project.

Goals and objectives

Creating a strong ecosystem around Fledge to attract more users and stimulate community growth by:

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