The Fledge project and community plan to create a robust ecosystem around Fledge to attract more users and stimulate community growth by:

  • Making It easy for everyone to use the project through documentation.
  • Clearly explaining how to contribute.
  • Building personal relationships, fostering communication and collaboration.
  • Make people feel included. (mentoring?)
  • Setting a code of conduct.
  • Providing detailed documentation, videos, and other materials to ease the learning curve for new users.

The Fledge community has been growing steadily over the years, incorporating a diverse set of contributors from various organizations.

  • Recently the Fledge TSC was expanded its voting members to incorporate a diverse representation of organizations.
  • Growing attendance from a variety of users and contributors.
  • Demonstrations of new features.
  • Creating a new LinkedIn page and a new Twitter feed to promote the project through social media
  • Working with the LF Edge Outreach committee to promote the project

Beyond the LF Edge community, Fledge focuses on industrial use cases, so one of the primary goals is to meet the industrial communities outside of LF Edge where they do.

The Fledge community has identified four additional organizations focused on Industrial IIoT standards and systems.  We intend to grow the Fledge community by engaging all 4 in PoCs, edge strategies, and edge contributions.  The four organizations are LF Energy, OSDU, CESMII, and the Eclipse Foundation.  

  • LF Energy: is an open-source foundation focusing on power systems hosted within the Linux Foundation. 
  • OSDU (Open Subsurface Data Universe): The OSDU Forum is developing an open-source, standards-based, technology-agnostic data platform. Primarily focuses on oil and gas and renewables.
  • CESMIIRadically accelerate the development and adoption of advanced sensors, controls, platforms, and models to enable Smart Manufacturing (SM) to become the driving sustainable engine that delivers real-time business improvements in U.S. manufacturing.
  • Eclipse Foundation: The Eclipse Foundation provides our global community of individuals and organizations with a mature, scalable, and business-friendly environment for open-source software collaboration and innovation. 
  • Timelords: Community of experts focused on Industrial IoT and time-series data to transform their business focused on collecting, maintaining, and using time-series data.



FledgePOWER is a multi-protocol translation gateway for power systems based on the industrial IoT LF Edge project. This cross-foundation collaboration between LF Edge and LF Energy ensures strong cooperative governance and technical alignment between the two communities. FledgePOWER aims to build and grow a community of end-users, developers, utilities, and other players to collaborate to solve current and future challenges in the energy space. Further information can be found on:


OSDU has selected Fledge and EVE as the edge stack architecture for OSDU EdgeMeeting OSDU Edge requirements with LF Edge projects mitigating lock-in through vendor-neutral governance and interoperable solutions. 

The architecture was successfully demoed to OSDU members in October, 2021.

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