• Overview of 3 month pipeline
    • Akraino R5 in the works
    • Looking for:
      • blog content for FDO release
      • overview blog on eKuiper
      • blogs from ZEDEDA Transform relevant sessions
      • possible Agriculture webinar
  • ONE Summit Update:
    • We are. allotted 2 kiosks in the LF Pavilion. DOES NOT HAVE TO RELATED TO 5G SUPER BLUEPRINT
      • Jim St. Legeris working with  Akraino on submission for BP-related demo 
      • Need to identify best content for second kiosk. Should be cross-project and demonstrate impact. Joe Pearsonto ask TAC for suggestions
  • ASK: Outreach Committee's help in updating/scrubbing the master LF Edge pitch deck

Discussion items

10 minUpcoming/Recent Activity
15 minONE Summit Pavilion Update
5 minLF Edge Pitch Deck

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