1. Reduce friction to deployment of LF Edge Templates
  2. Provide a centralized location for all deployable Templates


  • Template = software + configuration


  • Provide (potential hierarchy of) recipes for deployment of templates
    • For Kubernetes based projects (like Akraino) this could be a set of Helm charts or k8s manifests
    • For other container based projects (which don't necessarily have K8S) this could be docker-compose
    • For bare-metal deployments, we are open to suggestions on potential solutions
  • Have a web-page (per template) which consolidates these along with simple instructions and potential parameters



  • For helm appropriate projects (those that use kubernetes as a base layer)
    • helm-ifying (as necessary) template components
    • umbrella helm which deploys those components
    • role-designation methodology for multi-node blueprints (or even to specify cloud-side versus edge-side)
    • host on a catalog platform
  • For other projects
    • TBD - options include using things like portainer.io or just docker-compose, but unaware of a artifacthub.io equivalent for those so maybe just github/gitlab?

Current Status

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  1. Meeting Notes:  

    • Reviewed previous discussion on catalogs like Artifacthub
      • While artifacthub is good for discovery, its interface for configuration is somewhat limited (web editor for yaml)
    • Went through portainer.io as an option to help with deployment of docker containers and helm charts
    • Discussion of how different of these options could be used by EVE
    • Action Item: build a hello world template in the various technologies as a basis for discussion (was going to do with smarter-cities blueprint, but taking too long)

  2. Meeting Notes:  

    • Went through (simple?) Helm chart 
      • Helm chart flow and hello-world example
      • Showed customization via value overrides
      • Showed github action pipeline to publish
    • Deployment via command line
    • Deployment via Kubernetes Lens
    • Deployment via Portainer
    • Actions:
      • Tutorial-style write-up for constructing & deploying simple helm example
        • Extension to show daemonsets (which is more appropriate for certain edge deployments)
        • Extension to show wrappers for simplifying customization
        • Extension to show multi-app wrapper for full stack deployment
        • Tutorial for publishing helm examples to web page
        • Tutorial for publishing helm examples to ghcr.io with Github Actions
      • Docker-compose equivalent of the hello-world demo and extensions
      • Need to finish understanding annotations and signing requirements for verified publisher, ownership claims, and signed packages.
      • Need to understand if there are better practices for identifying common customizations
      • Need to understand what is going wrong with refresh of github and web-page based helm registries 
    • Setup a github project for examples, discussion, and tutorials: https://github.com/ericvh/lfedge-catalog-proposal/issues
  3. I've updated the github project with a tutorial for authoring, packaging, publishing, and indexing helm charts: 

  4. Brief discussion this morning. Now that Eric initiated some real demos (see above), time to spread the word and build up the catalog!

    Also, for anyone attending LF ONE Summit, meet at LF Edge booth during Tuesday afternoon coffee break.

    Guide to LF Edge content:


  5. Meeting notes:2022/11/22

    We will explain our activity at LF Edge Strategic Plan Commettee meeting on Dec 8 7:00am.
    Kathy Giori  will update LF Edge SPC - Working Deck - Google スライド.