Statement on Mission and Vision

The LF Edge Foundation has been formed to create a unified community for Open Source Edge that

  • fosters cross-industry collaboration across IOT, Telecom, Enterprise and Cloud ecosystems
  • enables organizations to accelerate adoption and the pace of innovation for edge computing
  • seeks to facilitate harmonization across Edge projects

The vision of LF Edge is that our software & projects will enable rapid productization of Edge platforms by supplying the necessary building blocks (and/or frameworks, reference solutions) to facilitate integration and interoperability for Edge Computing across Telecom Service Providers, Cloud Providers, IOT & Enterprises.

Driving from these principles, LF Edge has defined a set of criteria both for Projects looking to be hosted by the Foundation, as well as the levels of maturity each Project could be place in.

Project Induction Process

The Technical and Board governance of LF Edge have defined a policy which describes how an open source project can formally join the LF Edge Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation", via the Project Proposal Process. It describes the Stages a project may be admitted under and what the criteria and expectations are for a given stage, as well as the acceptance criteria for a project to move from one stage to another. It also describes the Annual Review Process through which those changes will be evaluated and made.

Project progression - movement from one stage to another - allows projects to participate at the level that is most appropriate for them given where they are in their lifecycle. Regardless of stage, all Foundation projects benefit from a deepened alignment with existing projects, and access to mentorship, support, and foundation resources.

Credit: The LF Edge Project Induction Process leverages best practices set forth by the OpenJS Foundation and CNCF.

New Project Proposals

For new Project Proposals, please refer to the process as outlined under Project Proposals.

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