, 8.30AM PT / 3.30PM UTC / 9.00PM IST

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John Easterday
Randall F Templeton

Prateek Chandrakar

Sven Uthe (Sneha)

Lorenzo King (Bruce)


  • Integration issues with FDO 1.0
  • Plan for FDO 1.1Improving community engagement

Discussion items

Sl NoItemNotes
1Opens / updates
  •  Cancelled due to lack of quorum
2Integration issues with FDO 1.0
3Features for FDO 1.1.0
4Steps to improve community engagement
5Decision to retain the meeting at 8:30 AM PT (during daylight changes)
  • Proposed by Vasavi V
    • Randy - Yes 
    • Bruce  - Yes 
    • Lorenzo - Yes 
    • Tushar - Yes 
    • Prateek - Yes 

Action items

  • Tushar to provide information about FIDO Alliance Hackathon (to sort out inter operability issues) 
  • Vasavi to provide updates about short-term/long-term roadmap for FDO
  • Randy to check on the feasibility of not using CBOR encoded format always and use CBO diagnostics