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Governing body of at least 5, no more 1/3 from same employer

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has expanded its voting members to 6 as follows:

  • Mark Riddoch - Dianomic - Chair
  • Tom Arthur - Dianomic
  • Daniel Lazaro - OSIsoft now part of AVEVA
  • Benoit Jeanson - RTE
  • Robert Raesemann - Raesemann Enterprises
  • Mike Styer - Google
Documented governance, decision-making, release processes

Fledge is an independent open-source project and not controlled by any single company. To emphasize this Fledge is governed under the Linux Foundation Edge and has graduated through the different Project Stages: Definitions and Expectations. Fledge is currently a Stage 2 project under this framework. For more information go to the Governance section.

The following documented processes are in place:

Healthy number of committers from at least two orgs
Evidence of interoperability, compatibility with other LF Edge projects

The latest Fledge collaboration includes:

More information on past and ongoing collaboration can be found here: Cross-LF Edge Collaboration and here Fledge Roadmap 2020/2021.

Adopt LF Code of conductThe Fledge community adheres to the LF Code of Conduct as described here: Code of Conduct
Explicitly define a project governance and committer process

The Fledge community has defined and documented the following Repository Approval Policy as well as the committer process here: and project Governance.

Public list of project adopters

The Fledge Community welcomes contributions of all types; documentation, code changes, new plugins, scripts, just simply reports of the way you use Fledge or suggestions of features you would like to see within Fledge. A public list of project adopters can be found here.

For a complete list: Fledge Home.

>= 2/3 approval vote of TAC & majority of Governing Board