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  1. Authenticate with the Hub as a Hub admin.
  2. Create the organization for the user.  Usually the personal organization has the same name as the username.
    hzn exchange org create --description="Personal organization for example code" <org name>
  3. Verify that the new organization exists:
    hzn exchange org list
  4. Create the new user account (add -A if the account is for an Organization admin):
    hzn exchange user create -o <org name> -A <user login> <user password> <user email>
  5. Verify that the new user exists:
    hzn exchange user list -o <org name> <user name>


Before adding the new user, collect the following information:

  • Will you need to create a single user account or multiple?
  • Which ones need to be an organization admin?
  • Will a user account also need to be added to an existing organization?
  • What is the preferred org name, user name, user password, user email?