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Additional Information Requested from All Projects

Supporting Data (if needed, include links to specific examples)

Intention for the upcoming year (Remain at current stage OR advance towards the next Stage)

Advance to Stage 3

Include a link to your project’s LFX Insights page. We will be looking for signs of consistent or increasing contribution activity. Please feel free to add commentary to add color to the numbers and graphs we will see on Insights.

Total commits 13.64k, 63 submitters, and 103 Repos. 

Significant to the community are major industries and their system integrators contributing for their operations.

Sebastion (Austrian Center for Digital Production) - Neuman Aluminum

Raesemann Enterprises - JEA

Kapsch - BRP/Rotax

RTE and Swissgrid for themselves and LF Energy

Nexcom for their transportation IoT solution

Teledyne/FLIR for their IIoT gateway

Aveva for their PI Historian

How many maintainers do you have, and which organizations are they from? (Feel free to link to an existing MAINTAINERS file if appropriate.)


Mark Riddoch - Dianomic

Bill Hunt - Dianomic - Dianomic

Daniel Lazaro - AVEVA

Sebastian Kropatschek - Austrian Centre for Digital Production

Praveen Garg - Noida Labs

Massimiliano Pinto - Dianomic

What do you know about adoption, and how has this changed since your last review / since you joined the current Stage? If you can list companies that are end users of your project, please do so. (Feel free to link to an existing ADOPTERS file if appropriate.)

There have been many PoCs and several commercial deployments using Fledge; some are stated publicly. Some of the PoCs can be gleaned from various public commitments and event participation, such as:

Fledge has new public use cases announced in 2021 and 2022.

  • Koch Industries

Fledge had three public use cases fully deployed and announced in 2020.

  • JEA
  • General Atomics
  • Honda Pro Racing
  • Some commercial deployments that can be mentioned by name but not yet announced include:
    • BRP/Rotax - OPC-UA Robots and CNC machines connected to MS Azure and OSIsoft PI for real-time part quality inspections with track and trace
    • Neuman Aluminum
    • FLIR - embedded Fledge in FLIR Bridge connected up to 10 IR cameras with integrated UI.
  • Some commercial deployments that went through a vigorous PoV process and have since got deployed but are not yet public include:
    • A major US Food Processor using vibration and PLC data on the edge to optimize centrifuge operations
    • A major Oil, Chemical and Paper company using Fledge to:
      • Connect data streams from 2 different cloud service offers back to historians/plant
      • Connect MQTT LoRa Wan infrastructure to historians/plant
    • A major theme park is using to monitor their solar array trackers
  • Interesting PoCs underway
    • Top 5 pharma company connecting S7 PLCs to historians using the HA failover of Fledge to ensure no data loss. 
    • Major OIl Pipeline company using Fledge to monitor remote battery-operated measuring stations. 
    • Major glass manufacturer using FLIR, Google, and Fledge for "hot" quality inspection using computer vision techniques.

The Fledge Growth stage announcement also outlined partner, contributor and user activity

  • Google has contributed IoT Core Plugin, completing AutoML and Edge ML plugins.   
  • In August, Google offered a Fledge QwikLAB, training users to use Fledge as an Industry 4.0 Edge to Google cloud.
  • Nokia has completed a Fledge  NDAC integration for private LTE.
  • Wago has completed a Fledge Wago PLC integration/offer.

  • Nexcom offers a Fledge preloaded gateway  and has contributed two south plugins to the project
  • ACDP have contributed an Azure north plugin
How has the project performed against its goals since the last review? (We won't penalize you if your goals changed for good reasons.)
  1. Grow the ecosystem of Cloud North support  (beyond MQTT, REST, KAFKA)
    1. Google - Pub/Sub and EdgeML
  2. Fledge roadmap
    1. Set Point Control
What are the current goals of the project? For example, are you working on major new features? Or are you concentrating on adoption or documentation?

Goals for 2022

  1. Graduate to Stage 3
  2. Grow the number of project maintainers
  3. Grow the ecosystem of Cloud North support  (beyond MQTT, REST, KAFKA)
    1. AWS - Sitewise
    2. Google - AutoML and EdgeML
    3. MS Azure IoT 
  4. Provide full integration with existing:
    1. LF Edge Projects - EVE, Open Horizon, EdgeX North and South, SDO?, Akraino IIoT blueprint
    2. LF Energy - IEC104, IEC61850, RTU Server Control
    3. OSDU - KAFKA, OPC-UA and Native OSDU N
  5. Fledge roadmap
    1. HA capabilities
How can LF Edge help you achieve your upcoming goals?

Market to industrial companies the virtues of open source in general.

Market the virtues of Multi-cloud, Hybrid-cloud solutions to the OT market. 

Cooperate with LF Energy and OSDU in marketing and messaging

Bring in more edge application and industrial equipment providers as members of LF Edge

Do you think that your project meets the criteria for the next Stage?

Project Stages: Definitions and Expectations

  1. Have a TSC- want more diversity of companies
  2. Done
  3. Need to expand the diversity of companies - With LF Energy and OSDU now involved, we think this will occur shortly/naturally.  Most exciting; most of these organizations are large industries intending to deploy Fledge.
  4. Done- Currently working with multiple projects.
  5. Done
  6. The file in the main repository has the process for both adding update/features to the core and plugins. 
  7. Done - Need to add JEA, GA, RTE, BRP, and Neuman to  
Please summarize Outreach Activities in which the Project has participated in (e.g. Participation in conferences, seminars, speaking engagements, meetups, etc.)

Sample Project had a kiosk at IOT SWC as well as ONES NA. Also participated in the LF Edge "On the Edge" webinar series.

Speakers at conferences about OSS, IoT, and IIoT such as:

  • PI World 2019
  • Zededa Transform
  • OSS EU 2019 
  • ONES 2020
  • LF Energy
  • OSDU

Work on the LF Edge user groups creation

The LF Edge White paper

Are you leveraging the Technical Project Getting Started Checklist? If yes, please provide link (if publicly available).

Please review, and update if needed, your Project entry on the Existing Project Taxonomy page, modifying the Last Updated / Reviewed date in the header.

Please share an LFX security report for your project in the last 30 days.

Current issues with LFX site prevent inclusion of report.