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End User Solutions Groups (EUSGs) focus on End Users of LF Edge Projects. Through cross-Project open discussion, with end users at the table, EUSGs desire to gather a common understanding of User requirements. Output of EUSGs shall include Demos, Messaging, White Papers and other collateral. Output shall also help provide value to Project Release Roadmaps/Feature Prioritization.

EUSGs provide quarterly progress reports to the LF Edge Governing Board Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), as well as publish to the Wiki.

End User Solutions Group responsibilities are fully outlined in Section 2 of the EUSG Charter.

Active End User Solutions Groups

  • Once launched, will be listed here.


The End User Solutions Groups are to be made of individuals at end-user organizations and technical representatives from LF Edge Technical Projects. Membership in each End User Solutions Group shall be limited to two (2) individuals from any End User Company, or one (1) individual from an Industry Expert Company. Additional eligibility guidelines can be found under Section 3 of the EUSG Charter

If you believe you meet the requirements, you may request an application by emailing

If you are interested in proposing a new Vertical, please complete the Proposal Template.