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XX EUSG Proposal Template

Note: This template is a guideline for EUSG Proposals in LF Edge communities and seen as a best practice, however communities may collectively decide to add to the template according to what makes sense for their community proposal, but must include at minimum the following sections. Once completed, please send a link with a request to review to Feel free to reach out as well with any questions how to fill out the proposal.


Why should this group be launched?

Goals of this proposed End User Solution Group are to:

In summary, this group is required because:


The community will take initiative to specifically address:

Scope not within Charter:

Potential Work Products

The initial work products may include 


This EUSG will collaborate with other......

Interested Parties

[please add your name below]

The following person(s) is the initial proposer of this EUSG:

The following individuals have already expressed an interest in joining this group, and we hope will become contributors over the first year:

Proposed Chair

The following individual has volunteered to serve as the initial interim Chair for the group: 


The above leverages process utilized by the Hyperledger Project

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