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Stage 2 Criteria (from the PLD)

Meets / Needs Improvement / Missing / Not Applicable

Supporting Data (if needed, include links to specific examples)

Development of a growth plan (to include both roadmap of projected feature sets as well as overall community growth/project maturity), to be done in conjunction with their project mentor(s) at the TAC.


Within Akraino, there is currently

Document that it is being used in POCs.


Each Blueprint (Integration) project is required to submit the followng set of  Documents:

  1. API description, 2. Architecture description, 3. Datasheet (one page Technical summary), 4. Installation Guide, 5. Release notes, 6. Test description. The deployment status of the Blueprint, being PoC, Demo or Commercial is presented/indicated in the Blueprint Architecture document.

Demonstrate a substantial ongoing flow of commits and merged contributions.


There had been more than 600 committs, by more than 60 contributors over more than 30 repositories. For the latest status/indications on the respective categorie(s), please use the LFX Insights Analytics tool:

Demonstrate that the current level of community participation is sufficient to meet the goals outlined in the growth plan.


There have been more than 17.00K builds. For the latest status/indications on the respective categories, please use the LFX Insights Analytics tool:

Demonstrate evidence of, or a plan for, interoperability, compatibility or extension to other LF Edge Projects. Examples may include demonstrating modularity (ability to swap in components between projects).


The previously reported undertakings for high-level co-operation between some of the Akraino Blueprints as e.g. ELIOT and EdgeX Foundry remains.   The above also applies for the interaction/use of LF Edge EVE and Fledge (e.g. Akraino Blueprint IoT Camera maintenance Blueprint). The  The initiated by the Akraino API TSC Sub-committee work on assessing the room for potential co-operation among Akraino Blueprints and Development Projects remains and it is also set as part of the Akraino inter-operability Strategy Goals for 2024. Nevertheless, it is important to also explicitly state, that the Business Objectives and prioroties are set by (and within the Companies that had submitted and drive the Blueprints and respectively allocate their internal resources and set the related Budget for those resources to participate).