To add a new Proposal, you will be creating a new Page.

  1. In the upper right of the LF Edge Wiki, make sure you are logged in. If you need to create a LF ID, you may do so at
  2. Select Project Proposals (under LF Edge Projects)
  3. In the upper toolbar, in blue, select 
  4. For the Page title, use the name of the Proposed Project
  5. For the content, include information requested in the Sample Proposal
  6. Select Publish and you should find the new page created below the Project Proposals tab
  7. Email notifying the TAC of your new Project Proposal (Subject line: LF Edge - Project Proposal - Project Name), including a link in your email to the Wiki page with your proposal
  8. Assuming the Proposal has been completed in full, a representative from the Linux Foundation will contact you to schedule you for a presentation at an upcoming TAC meeting.
    1. A schedule of upcoming TAC presentations is available at Technical Advisory Council (TAC)#ScheduledCommunityPresentations
  9. After the TAC presentation has been made, a 2 week review period will be provided. During this review period, a TAC subgroup may be formed to review the project proposal in more detail. Following their review, the TAC subgroup will provide a readout at the next TAC call. While the TAC will strive to complete project reviews within 2 weeks, the subgroup may request up to 2 additional weeks for review if deemed necessary. Following the review period, which will run for a maximum of 4 weeks, the Linux Foundation will notify the TAC that the Project is eligible for a vote. To set the vote in motion, a member of the Technical Advisory Council will need to raise a motion. Following a second, the TAC will vote to recommend either accepting or declining the proposal, and provide feedback where necessary. If no motion is received within 2 weeks, then the project will need to re-apply once a TAC sponsor who agrees to raise a motion is identified.  If declined, the proposed project's TAC sponsors will work with the prospective project on next steps, which may include working with the TAC subgroup to refine and re-submit proposal for another TAC vote. If a new, incoming project is declined a second time, the project will need to wait 12 months before re-applying. If approved by the TAC, the Project will move to a vote of the Board (Board's Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) for Stage 1 Projects). If approved by the Board (SPC for Stage 1 Projects), official project on-boarding can begin.

If you need help creating your new Page, and the Project Proposal Template on the page, please email

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