You will need an edge node to interact with the LF Edge Sandbox. There are a number of options:

  1. Bring your qualified device. The Sandbox includes a default set of supported hardware devices [/sandbox/hardware-devices] that can quickly be provisioned. We recommend selecting one of these devices to accelerate your time to application deployments. If you own a device not on this list, please see the options below.
  2. Reserve an LF Shared Community Lab system. Need content
  3. Load EVE on a new device. Project EVE is designed to run on many different hardware architectures and platforms. Please visit the Project EVE wiki to learn more or Github to get hands-on.

The LF Edge TAC determines the catalog of Global Marketplace Hardware models.

Need Help?

Please see our support page for help resources

About the LF Edge Sandbox

The LF Edge Sandbox is a free SaaS service provided by ZEDEDA that interoperates with your edge hardware running project EVE. This service interacts with edge nodes running project EVE software. Once associated, you can deploy other LF Edge projects from the global marketplace combined with any application you upload to your private marketplace.

Contact Information

For more information please visit our community slack channel [#lf-edge-sandbox] or post to our email distribution list.

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