About the LF Edge Sandbox

The LF Edge Sandbox is a free white-labelled SaaS service provided and supported by ZEDEDA that can be used to remotely manage your edge hardware running project EVE. This service enables users to experience secure management and scalable application deployment of edge nodes running project EVE software. Once EVE-OS edge devices are registered to the LF Edge “EVE controller” sandbox, you can deploy other LF Edge applications (projects) from the global marketplace combined with any application you upload to your private marketplace.

The LF Edge Sandbox is provided to help developers quickly learn about open-source projects. By making projects simple to deploy, developers can focus on the value the solutions deliver. The Sandbox is ideal for building out POCs, demos, and other experiments. With best-effort support from the community, it’s not to be used for production installations. 

With the LF Edge Sandbox, you can quickly:

  • Create a free account associated with your LF ID.
  • Select from a list of LF Edge projects you want to deploy.
    • Optionally add your applications to the deployment list.
  • Onboard your edge node running EVE software.
    • Learn more about hardware support and edge nodes.
  • Software is automatically deployed, applications bootstrapped, and ready for testing.

Create an account and get started today: Getting Started with the LF Edge Sandbox

Controlling Organization

The LF Edge Sandbox controlling organization is the LF Edge TAC

Contact Information

For more information please visit our community slack channel [#lf-edge-sandbox] or post to our email distribution list.

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