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Completed by:  Rich Rodgers, Intel

Submitted to TAC Mail List:  2021/07/13

Presented on TAC Weekly Call:  2021/07/14 (Meeting Recording)

Below is a self-assessment submitted by TSC Chair/Maintainers of the Project. Comments/questions/feedback is welcome either a) in the Comments at the bottom of the page or b) during the TAC call when information is presented

Stage 1: At Large Projects 

Stage 2 and Stage 3 Projects also requested to complete this section, as PLD acceptance criteria requires meeting current as well as prior stage requirements

Stage 1 Criteria (from the PLD)

Meets / Needs Improvement / Missing / Not Applicable

Supporting Data (if needed, include links to specific examples)

2 TAC Sponsors, if identified (Sponsors help mentor projects) - See full definition on Project Stages: Definitions and Expectations


The typical IP Policy for Projects under the LF Edge Foundation is Apache 2.0 for Code Contributions, Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) for new inbound contributions, and Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License for Documentation. Projects under outside licenses may still submit for consideration, subject to review/approval of the TAC and Board.


Apache 2.0 - Contributing

Upon acceptance, At Large projects must list their status prominently on website/readme


Agenda-Current and Upcoming

Meeting notes

Additional Information Requested from All Projects

Additional Information Requested from All Projects

Supporting Data (if needed, include links to specific examples)

Intention for the upcoming year (Remain at current stage OR advance towards the next Stage)

Towards Stage 2

Include a link to your project’s LFX Insights page. We will be looking for signs of consistent or increasing contribution activity. Please feel free to add commentary to add color to the numbers and graphs we will see on Insights.;subTab=technical

How many maintainers do you have, and which organizations are they from? (Feel free to link to an existing MAINTAINERS file if appropriate.)

13, Intel Corp.
What do you know about adoption, and how has this changed since your last review / since you joined the current Stage? If you can list companies that are end users of your project, please do so. (Feel free to link to an existing ADOPTERS file if appropriate.)

IBM and Molex are end-users and represented on the TSC.  Molex will be contributing after the initial release.

Adoption expected to increase after initial release of the FIDO specification implementation in August.

How has the project performed against its goals since the last review? (We won't penalize you if your goals changed for good reasons.)The specification approval from FIDO was delayed, which has pushed off our goals by appx. 2 quarters.
What are the current goals of the project? For example, are you working on major new features? Or are you concentrating on adoption or documentation?Focussed on maintenance for SDO specification implementation, and initial release of the FIDO Device Onboarding specification which has been targeted for scale deployment.  
How can LF Edge help you achieve your upcoming goals?

Working with the labs to host developer only Rendezvous Server, will look for deployment and contribution assistance post release of FDO 1.0 stack.

Also, any advice on naming would be appreciated.

Do you think that your project meets the criteria for the next Stage?No.  We should be ready to formulate the growth plan in late Q3 or early Q4 2021, and must then demonstrate success towards that plan.
Please summarize Outreach Activities in which the Project has participated in (e.g. Participation in conferences, seminars, speaking engagements, meetups, etc.)Have participated in the FIDO Device Onboard launch activities, and POC/Demo/Integrations with multiple potential partners.
Are you leveraging the Technical Project Getting Started Checklist? If yes, please provide link (if publicly available).LF Edge Checklist for Secure Device Onboard
Please review, and update if needed, your Project entry on the Existing Project Taxonomy page, modifying the Last Updated / Reviewed date in the header.Reviewed, unable to modify the header.
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