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Submitted to TAC Mail List:  YYYY/MM/DD

Presented on TAC Weekly Call:  2022/06/01 (

Below is a self-assessment submitted by TSC Chair/Maintainers of the Project. Comments/questions/feedback is welcome either a) in the Comments at the bottom of the page or b) during the TAC call when information is presented

Stage 1: At Large Projects 

Stage 2 and Stage 3 Projects also requested to complete this section, as PLD acceptance criteria requires meeting current as well as prior stage requirements

Stage 1 Criteria (from the PLD)

Meets / Needs Improvement / Missing / Not Applicable

Supporting Data (if needed, include links to specific examples)

2 TAC Sponsors, if identified (Sponsors help mentor projects) - See full definition on Project Stages: Definitions and Expectations


Leding Li(Baidu)

jianguo zeng(Huawei)

The typical IP Policy for Projects under the LF Edge Foundation is Apache 2.0 for Code Contributions, Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) for new inbound contributions, and Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License for Documentation. Projects under outside licenses may still submit for consideration, subject to review/approval of the TAC and Board.


Apache 2.0

Upon acceptance, At Large projects must list their status prominently on website/readme



Additional Information Requested from All Projects

Additional Information Requested from All Projects

Supporting Data (if needed, include links to specific examples)

Intention for the upcoming year (Remain at current stage OR advance towards the next Stage)

Advance towards the next stage

Include a link to your project’s LFX Insights page. We will be looking for signs of consistent or increasing contribution activity. Please feel free to add commentary to add color to the numbers and graphs we will see on Insights.

No LFX insights set up for some reason. LF Edge IT team is helping to add eKuiper

How many maintainers do you have, and which organizations are they from? (Feel free to link to an existing MAINTAINERS file if appropriate.)

4, from EMQ

For eKuiper, we are mono repo and do not have sub-groups. Mainainers means the people who have access rights to perform administrative functions on the eKuiper repo.

Contributors: 28

Committers: 8

What do you know about adoption, and how has this changed since your last review / since you joined the current Stage? If you can list companies that are end users of your project, please do so. (Feel free to link to an existing ADOPTERS file if appropriate.)

We have conducted some commercial POC and deployments. We also learn about several open source adoptions exclusively or integrated with EdgeX Foundry. ( Some open source adopters use silently and hard to count). We also have partnered with several open source projects.

Commercial adopters:

  • Smart Car Edge Computing

  • IIoT Big data center

  • Smart Factory

  • New Energy Storage Data Computing

  • Oilfield production, storage and transportation data acquisition

  • Unified IoT Access System for Smart Water

Commercial POCs:

  • IIoT

  • Internet

  • Telecom

  • Logistic

  • Financial

  • Automobile

OpenSource Project Collaboration

  • EdgeX Foundry(LF Edge)

  • Beatyl (LF Edge)

  • EdgeGallery (LF Edge)

  • KubeEdge (CNCF)

  • OpenYurt (CNCF)

How has the project performed against its goals since the last review? (We won't penalize you if your goals changed for good reasons.)

This is our first review

What are the current goals of the project? For example, are you working on major new features? Or are you concentrating on adoption or documentation?

We are working mainly on major new features and also try to promote adoptions.

  1. Graduate to Stage 2

  2. Deliver on the 2022 Roadmap, about one release per quarter with new features.

    1. More expressive rule by enhance SQL, functions and extensions.

    2. Connect to more ecosystems

    3. More deployment destination: android, HA etc.

  3. Grow the number and diversity of contributors.

  4. Collaborate with more LF Edge projects and other open source projects

How can LF Edge help you achieve your upcoming goals?

  • More exposure to companies globally.

  • Help to improve diversity of contributors.

  • Chances of outreach activities globally.

Do you think that your project meets the criteria for the next Stage?

  • Development of a growth plan (to include both roadmap of projected feature sets as well as overall community growth/project maturity), to be done in conjunction with their project mentor(s) at the TAC.

  • Document that it is being used in POCs.

  • Demonstrate a substantial ongoing flow of commits and merged contributions.

  • Demonstrate that the current level of community participation is sufficient to meet the goals outlined in the growth plan.

  • Demonstrate evidence of, or a plan for, interoperability, compatibility or extension to other LF Edge Projects. Examples may include demonstrating modularity (ability to swap in components between projects).

  • Onboard all project repositories with LFX Security

  • Since these metrics can vary significantly depending on the type, scope and size of a project, the TAC has final judgement over the level of activity that is adequate to meet these criteria.

  • Receive a two-thirds vote of all TAC representatives that do not abstain the vote and a majority vote of the Governing Board to move to Growth Stage.

We think we are closed to meet the criterias

  1. Partially met, we have a roadmap of projected feature sets. Need to plan for community growth/project maturity.

  2. We have POCs but not documented yet

  3. Done

  4. No growth plan yet

  5. Done, have collaborations with EdgeX Foundry, Beatyl and Edge Gallery. We could continue to explore possibilities to collaborate with other projects

  6. Undergoing

Please summarize Outreach Activities in which the Project has participated in (e.g. Participation in conferences, seminars, speaking engagements, meetups, etc.)


Jun 24, 2021 Edge X Kubernetes Meetup

Aug 1, 2021 The Global OpenSource Technology Conference

Nov 13, 2021 Arch Summit

Dec 11, 2021 EdgeX Q4 Meetup

Dec 12, 2021 Kubenetes on Edge Day

Mar 26, 2022 EdgeX Developers Summit (Chengdu)

May 26, 2022 Network Open Source Technology Ecological Summit


Nov 23, 2021 Intel Edge & AI courses

Mar 27, 2022 EdgeX workshop

Are you leveraging the Technical Project Getting Started Checklist? If yes, please provide link (if publicly available).


Please review, and update if needed, your Project entry on the Existing Project Taxonomy page, modifying the Last Updated / Reviewed date in the header.

Kendall is updating for us

Please share a LFX security report for your project in the last 30 days

To be provided, IT team is on boarding us.

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