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Per the Community Membership page, the TSC is:

A group comprised of Maintainer leaders and Partners that meet to direct the work of the project, resulting in updated governance rules, code management policies, and project roadmap items. TSC will also provide technical guidance to project leadership on resources and facilities.

The current, appointed members of the TSC are listed below.  Once Working Groups have been constituted and leadership has been elected, those leaders will comprise the first elected TSC, and will then vote on an official Chair of the TSC.

  • Joe Pearson - TSC Chair & Chair, Documentation Working Group
  • Bruce Potter - Chair, Management Hub Working Group
  • David Booz - Chair, Agent Working Group
  • Troy Fine - Chair, Examples Working Group
  • Carl Girouard - Chair, DevOps Working Group
  • Jon McGuire - Chair, QA & Testing Working Group
  • Susan Bowlin - Chair, Outreach Working Group
  • Kavitha Bade - Partner Representative, IBM
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