This will describe the roles of personal interactions, which can overlap, and the process for organizing and moderating them.


Users – persons or organizations that utilize the OH source code by itself, or as part of a larger solution, to address one or more specified use cases.

Contributors – persons or organizations that add value to the OH project in a tangible, measurable way. This can be as simple as editing a document or making a comment, or as complex as contributing a large amount of source code.

Maintainers – Contributors who have commit access to repositories, may fill leadership roles in Working Groups, and have demonstrated positive contributions over time to further the goals of the project.

Partners – Non-maintainer persons or organizations that have materially contributed to the project and are thus stakeholders in the project deliverables.


Technical Steering Committee (TSC) – A group comprised of Maintainer leaders and Partners that meet to direct the work of the project, resulting in updated governance rules, code management policies, and project roadmap items. TSC will also provide technical guidance to project leadership on resources and facilities.

Working Groups (WG)

Working Groups and Sub-groups – Small groups of Contributors, ideally led by a Maintainer, that meet to develop items in the project roadmap resulting in releases and documentation updates. Working Groups are for relatively permanent features and functionality, while Sub-groups are for ephemeral or transitory work (such as an integration effort) with a defined or limited lifespan.

List of Working Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups – Users, Contributors, Partners, and organizations that come together to address a specified set of use cases – usually industry- or vertical-specific – in a specified location and language.

List of SIGs


There are many mentorship programs that Open Horizon participates in.  If you have a program that would like to work with Open Horizon, please contact the Outreach Working Group.  If you would like to apply for a mentorship, please reach out to the individual programs.


Contributions will only be considered when linked to an open issue, aligned with the project goals, and attested to by the Contributor (ex. signing off on a commit, accepting the Developer Certificate of Origin).

Community Lab Instance

The LF Edge Shared Community Lab has an instance of Open Horizon available for all LF Edge members and participants to freely use.  See the lab page for more information.


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