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  • Presented to the TAC: TBD
  • TAC Project Review: TBD
  • TAC Vote Approved: TBD
  • Governing Board Vote Approved: TBD

Project Resources

Stage Two: Growth Stage


The Growth Stage is for projects that are interested in reaching the Impact Stage, and have identified a growth plan for doing so. Growth Stage projects will receive mentorship from the TAC and are expected to actively develop their community of contributors, governance, project documentation, and other variables identified in the growth plan that factor in to broad success and adoption.

In order to support their active development, projects in the Growth stage have a higher level of access to marketing and other resources, which will be agreed upon and reviewed on a yearly basis by the TAC and then the Governing Board. A project's progress toward its growth plan goals will be reviewed on a yearly basis, and the TAC may ask the project to move to the At Large stage if progress on the plan drops off or stalls.

Acceptance Criteria

At Large requirements:

  • Two TAC sponsors to champion the project & provide mentorship as needed
  • A presentation at an upcoming meeting of the TAC, in accordance with the project proposal requirements
  • The typical IP Policy for Projects under the LF Edge Foundation is Apache 2.0 for Code Contributions, Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) for new inbound contributions, and Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License for Documentation. Projects under outside licenses may still submit for consideration, subject to review/approval of the TAC and Board.
  • Upon acceptance, At Large projects must list their status prominently on website/readme
  • Receive a two-thirds vote of all TAC representatives that do not abstain the vote and a majority vote of the Governing Board's Strategic Planning Committee to enter into the At Large Stage.

Growth requirements:

  • Development of a growth plan (to include both roadmap of projected feature sets as well as overall community growth/project maturity), to be done in conjunction with their project mentor(s) at the TAC.
  • Document that it is being used in POCs.
  • Demonstrate a substantial ongoing flow of commits and merged contributions.
  • Demonstrate that the current level of community participation is sufficient to meet the goals outlined in the growth plan.
  • Demonstrate evidence of, or a plan for, interoperability, compatibility or extension to other LF Edge Projects. Examples may include demonstrating modularity (ability to swap in components between projects).
  • Since these metrics can vary significantly depending on the type, scope and size of a project, the TAC has final judgement over the level of activity that is adequate to meet these criteria.
  • Receive a two-thirds vote of all TAC representatives that do not abstain the vote and a majority vote of the Governing Board to move to Growth Stage.

Compliance with Requirements

At Large

Two TAC sponsors

Joe Pearson (IBM), Jim St. Leger (Intel), others pending updated confirmation

Presentation to the TACOriginal presentation deck and recording from March 11, 2020
IP Policy: licenses for code and documentation, DCO for contributions
List project (Stage One) status on web site or READMETBD, update LF Edge project page and Open Horizon documentation page
>= 2/3 approval vote of TAC & majority of Governing Board SPC
  • TAC two-thirds vote approval reached on March 30, 2020.
  • Governing Board Strategic Planning Committee approval reached on April 9, 2020.
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Growth plan
Used in PoCs
Substantial ongoing commits and contributions
Community participation meets growth plan goals
Evidence of interoperability, compatibility with other LF Edge projects
>= 2/3 approval vote of TAC & majority of Governing Board

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