Per the Community Membership page, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are:

Users, Contributors, Partners, and organizations that come together to address a specified set of use cases – usually industry- or vertical-specific – in a specified location and language.

Open Horizon SIGs are proposed by sponsoring organization and Partners, self-forming, and chartered by approving vote of the TSC.  SIGs are designed to:

  • identify use cases within an industry or vertical,
  • develop end-to-end reference solutions, and
  • promote the solutions, use cases, and the group itself. 

By way of comparison and contrast, LF Edge's End User Solutions Groups (EUSGs) have a goal to:

  • gather user requirements through cross-project discussion with end users and
  • generate demos, white papers, and messaging in order to
  • prioritize project features and inform project roadmaps.

Open Horizon's SIGs include:

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